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Michelle Spady

I'm an author, writer, speaker, teacher, entrepreneur, wife, mother and believer in THE Higher Power. Reading or writing, perhaps both at any time. Nothing complex about me. I like the simple things in life, but with a touch of flair.  Sand and water for summer. Winter, fireplace,  and a good read all  lead to inspiration for writing a good story.


B'Artful is a company that provides opportunities for artists to network, show case their art, publish books and in the future rent space to work. B'Artful does this by coordinating workshops, book signings, exhibitions and educational seminars.

This is the place to find the "I Love Books" necklaces for boys and girls.  These necklaces complement the story in the book Kiana S.M.A.R.T. for Class President. A must have for every purchaser.